Milan Gay Tours offers this tours for those who like old towns’ atmospheres. Bergamo is a medieval town on the top of a hill, surrounded by ramparts built in the Renaissance and its centre hosts countless small treasures of art.

In an extended tour or as a separate half day trip, you may also select to discover San Pellegrino, a charming village in a valley around Bergamo famous for its worldwide renowned sparkling water.

Milan Gay Tours 
offers this tours for those who have a free extra day in town and want to discover the charming town of Mantua, which lies on a piece of land near three lakes and is one of the cultural capitals of the Renaissance. Find out about its intimate and sweet atmosphere with our help. 


Milan Gay Tours offers this tour for those wanting to discover the beauty of Lake Como. The town has some important architectures but is also the Italian capital of silk manufacturing. In Como you cannot miss a boat tour, as it is the best way to fully enjoy the natural landscape, the mountains surroundings and the many fancy villas around the lake.