happy hour tour

Milan Gay Tours delivers this tour only as an extension to a tour taken in the afternoon, for those who want to relax after a busy day of tourism or who want to enjoy the city as an authentic milanese.

Milan is particularly well known for its around 6 PM predinner drinking ritual, the so called “happy hour”. This is when bars and venues are crowded with people getting a nice “aperitivo” (aperitif), which is a mix of drinking a cocktail or a glass of wine and eat plentiful delicious food from an all-you-can-eat buffet, while enjoying good company and petty conversations. When you are in town it is mandatory to take part in it at least once.

Among the standard cocktails sipped, you should definitely treat yourself to a Spritz (made with Aperol, prosecco and soda), or to a Negroni (composed of gin, vermouth and Campari), or its lighter version Negroni sbagliato (wrong Negroni, where gin is replaced by prosecco sparkling wine) and whose recipe was created in Milano in the ‘60s at the mythical and still operating Bar Basso cocktail bar.

Since there are just too many places, we selected special locations for you to choose from and where it will be a pleasure to say “salute” (cheers) together after a short walk to whet your appetite.

Meeting Point


1 Adult –  20€

2 Adults – 30€

3 or more Adults – Please ask

5% for PayPal commission will be added on the final price


On request


Pictures of the Tour

  • Negroni cocktail

    Negroni cocktail

  • Bar Basso

    Bar Basso

  • Bar Luce

    Bar Luce


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