Milan Gay Tours offers this tour for those who have a free extra day in town and want to discover a less renowned jewel of beautiful Italy: Lake Como.

Lake Como has always been attracting visitors, some of which decided to settle there later. From the Ancient Romans to American movie stars and Russian tycoons; George Clooney fell in love with this place and is the joyful owner of a magnificent villa on the shores of the lake. The town has some important architectures but is also the Italian capital of silk manufacturing.

Como is also the hometown of Alessandro Volta (the inventor of the battery and father of the researches on electricity) and the architectural movement of Italian rationalism had its most important works created in here during the the period between the two world wars in the last century.

Among the options you can add to your basic tour in Como you cannot miss a boat tour! It is the best way to fully enjoy the natural landscape, the mountains surroundings, the many fancy villas around the lake, the small towns like Bellagio (that inspired the resort, hotel and casino of the same name in Las Vegas) and a fair amount of gossip too.


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Pictures of the Tour

  • Lake Como

    Lake Como

  • Bellagio


  • Cathedral



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